How to Be Attractive to Women Without Talking

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If you're a shy man, the thought of talking to a woman you want to impress may fill you with fear. Perhaps you've recently come out of a long-term relationship and don't have your dating mojo back yet. The good news is that you can easily appear attractive to someone without saying a single word.

Step 1

Make regular eye contact with someone you like and hold her gaze for a few seconds more than you normally would. Avoid staring, as this could make you come across as too intense or intimidating. When you're standing close to the object of your desire, use a method described by body language expert Judi James as "the flick." Look into her eyes, then drop your gaze to her mouth before returning to her eyes. This is a subtle way of letting a woman know you want to kiss her, according to James in an eHarmony article "5 Body Language Signals and What They Mean."

Step 2

Appear relaxed and happy, but don't smile too much. According to a 2011 University of British Columbia survey, "Happy Guys Finish Last," women are more attracted to men with neutral facial expressions. Lead researcher Jessica Tracy suggests that this may be because women are often drawn to the challenge of the "bad boy" type. If a woman is smiling at you, however, give her one back. A genuine smile is far more attractive than a fake smile, according to eHarmony. A real smile involves your whole face -- not just your mouth -- and causes creases around your eyes.

Step 3

Take pride in your appearance. Pay attention to your hair and your clothes. Ask a trusted female friend for help putting an outfit together if you don't have any confidence in your fashion sense. Remember, women notice little things like clean shoes and trimmed fingernails. Wear a little pleasant-smelling cologne, but not too much to overpower a woman.