Are the Liners in Winter Crocs Removable?

Cate Gillon/Getty Images News/Getty Images

When future generations research the history of fashion, they're bound to wonder why the early 21st century had a fixation with clompy, clunky, ugly shoes—as evidenced by the popularity of Uggs and Crocs. However, Crocs are well-known for their extreme comfort and durability. With summery, airy Crocs joined by wintery, fleece-lined Crocs, there's almost no excuse not to wear these shoes year-round. Unless you care about fashion, that is.

Removing the Liners

According to the Crocs official website, their liners are completely removable. This makes them easy to clean, whether they got wet and dirty from the snow or simply could use a scrub. Never machine-wash your liners, because they are delicate and could get stretched out or worn down. Stretched-out liners will not fit properly back into the shoe, making them uncomfortable to wear. To remove the liners, gently lift starting from the heel. Remove the slits that fit around the rivets on the side and pull out the liner.

Washing Liners

Hand-wash liners gently to preserve their unique shape and their thickness. Fill your sink with warm, soapy water and place liners inside. Gently scrub the liners with the soapy water, concentrating specifically on stains or dirty spots. When they are cleaned to your satisfaction, squeeze out excess water and hang dry in a sunny, warm place, to achieve best drying results. If liners hang somewhere damp or cold, they may take a few days to dry, resulting in mildew.

Wearing Crocs Without Liners

You can wear the winter Crocs, also known as Mammoth Crocs, with or without the liners. The only problem with this is that the Crocs company recommends purchasing the Mammoths in a size bigger than you usually wear, because the liners are thick and make the inside of the shoe snug. Once you remove the liners, the shoes will fit as that size normally fits. Therefore, if you purchase one size up to ensure that the Mammoths fit with the liners in place, they will probably be too big to wear once you remove the liners.


If you love your Crocs and must wear them year round, the best solution is to purchase two pairs: a winter fur-lined pair in a bigger size and a summer pair in your normal size. This is cost effective if you wear your Crocs on a regular basis. If you plan to wear them only occasionally in the winter, you can winterize your normal Crocs yourself by wearing them with a pair of thick socks. On the other hand, if your primary use is in cold weather, the Mammoths would be a better buy for you. For a growing child whose feet are constantly changing sizes, the Mammoths might be the perfect solution. Purchase them in the winter in a size too big so that they will fit with the liners, and then remove the liners in the summer when your child's feet have gone up a size anyway.