How to Take the Liner Out of Crocs Mammoth

Mammoth Crocs are a type of clogs that have a warm, removable woolly liner inside, making them good for wearing during the colder months of the year. Washing the liner with a mild cleanser is a gentle way to remove dirt, sweat and bacteria without destroying the insoles. For best results, it's important to remove the liner gently before washing to avoid destroying the inside lining of your Crocs.

Put on your Crocs and stand with your feet together. Look at the outer edges of both shoes and you will see that each has a rivet on it that features a picture of the Crocs alligator logo. Remove your shoes.

Place the shoes in front of you with the heels facing you. Tuck your finger under the liner of one of them at the point closest to you and flip it upwards so it turns inside out at the heel side only. Repeat for the other Croc.

Take your right Croc and place your left hand inside it with the palm facing you. Put your left thumb on the rivet as if you were trying to make a fingerprint. Press the rivet into the side of the shoe as hard as you can.

Use your right hand to pull the liner off of the rivet in the same manner you would if you were unbuttoning a shirt. It will take a bit of effort, especially the first time, so keep trying and don’t get frustrated. Once you have the liner off of the rivet, pull it out of the shoe by grasping the top of the liner and giving it a tug.

Repeat Steps 3 and 4 for the other Croc, pushing on the rivet with your left hand this time.