How to Clean Your Dirty Socks

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Kids' socks don't stand much of a chance. Between playing sports, jumping in puddles or simply walking outside without their shoes on, you're kids likely are often leaving dirty socks in the hamper. Dumping dirty socks in the washing machine won't always remove tough stains. You'll have to take matters into your own hands -- washing the socks by hand will let you work directly on the dirty spots to remove the stain.

Act quickly. Stains will be easier to remove if you try to wash them out as soon as you see them.

Fill the basin with warm water. Add a half-cup of baking soda to the water and mix.

Put a drop of bleach on the dirty spot of the sock (white socks only).

Rub the bath soap on the dirty spot. Submerge the sock in water and soak it overnight.

Wash the socks the following morning by hand. Check the dirty spot, put soap again and squeeze it using your both hands. Dirt can easily be wash out if you rub it by hand.

Finish washing the sock by hand, or you can use the washing machine by now that the dirts are already washed out.