How to Apply Green Tea as a Skin Toner

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Green tea has long been touted as a beneficial skin care ingredient thanks to its ability to reduce sun damage, inflammation, redness and other signs of aging. In many cases, green tea has also been shown to promote clearer, brighter skin, which can benefit individuals who suffer from acne. Although many facial products on the market contain green tea extract, homemade toner is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to introduce green tea into your daily skin care regimen.

Creating the Toner

Brew an organic, loose-leaf green tea. Green tea's active ingredients -- gallocatechin, epigallocatechin, epicatechin and epigallocatechin gallate -- should be strongly concentrated when used topically. To achieve a more potent tea, use four times the normal amount and bring it to a strong boil for four to five minutes. Allow the tea to cool; do not add ice to cool it because that can dilute the active ingredients. Once it has cooled to room temperature, the toner is ready. You may want to pour the cooled green tea into a bottle for easier application.

Applying the Toner

Apply the homemade green tea toner once a day for best results. Using a cotton pad and starting in the center of the face, apply it in a light, sweeping motion. Continue to apply the toner for a few minutes until your entire face is coated in an even layer. You may want to resoak the cotton pad to fully cover your face in green tea toner. Ideally, you should apply about a half-ounce of liquid to your skin. Allow the liquid to completely absorb before applying any lotion or other cosmetic treatment. Do not rinse.