Adult Party Invitation Ideas

When you’re ready to kick off your shoes and unwind, send the kids to bed or hire a babysitter and get ready for some adults-only fun. Alert guests to the grown-up expectations for the evening by starting with a custom invitation. Don’t settle for flowery or plain store-bought cards; sex up your party by getting attendees “in the mood” and ready to RSVP.

Eyes Wide Shut

Let guests know they’re in for some serious adult surprises when you invite them to your party via a blindfold. No boxed, generic store invitation could stand up to a silky, black bandanna. Use a silver glitter gel pen to hand-write the party invitation information on the unfolded bandanna, including the date, time and location of the party. Be sure to note that the party is adults-only so there are no mix-ups with people bringing their children. Add information about what to bring, such as a bottle of wine or a new toy to show off.

Let the writing dry, then fold the bandanna up into a blindfold and slip it into an envelope to mail out to each guest. Take the mailers to the post office for weighing; the weight of the bandanna, though light, will probably increase your postage requirements. Include a note for guests to bring their bandannas with them to the party for games later in the evening.

No Children Allowed

Two decades ago as of the year 2010, the movies started sporting a new rating called NC-17, which made up for the failed “X” rating--in which children under the age of 17 could not gain admission to the film.

With a couple of clicks through any word processing, desktop publishing or graphics program, you can recreate the NC-17 rating logo for your invitation. Make the familiar rectangle with the NC-17 letters and numbers on one side. On the other side, where it usually says “No one 17 and under admitted,” type your party information in a list form of date, time, place and any other important details.

Lucky Lockers

If your adult party includes people who don’t know each other, lock up your guest list with a lock and key party. A staple of the singles circuit, the party is one big game that involves distributing keys to one sex and locks to another sex. During the party, attendees attempt to fit the keys into peoples’ locks (often worn on chains or beaded necklaces). If the lock and key fits, the pair gets a small prize or free drink tickets and a new set of equipment to keep playing.

The game can serve as the ice breaker in which people race to find their “fit.” For your invitations, tape a key to the back of the cardboard invitation card or include a lock on a bright beaded chain in the envelope. Determine which sex gets what item; for a same-sex party, just split the keys and locks right down the middle of your guest list.