How to Add a Name on a Birth Certificate in Texas

In Texas, citizens can add a name to a birth certificate through the office of Texas Vital Statistics and the Department of State Health Services. Typically, additions occur in one of two ways: as a non-parentage amendment to the name of the child – as with a middle name addition or spelling mistake – or the addition, removal or replacement of parentage information such as a change in the mother’s name or the addition of the father's name.

Non-Parentage Amendments

Retrieve a copy of the Texas Application to Amend a Certificate of Birth, for VS-170, from the Texas Vital Statistics Forms webpage. Fill it out legibly. The form typically requires that you print or type your contact information, birth details as shown on the original birth certificate, item(s) that needs correction and addition(s) that you need to make.

Complete the Affidavit of Older Relative section of the form (Part III) in the presence of a Notary Public. If you’re trying to amend your child's name and your child is a minor, sign the document along with your child's biological father – if the father is living and listed on the original birth certificate. Otherwise, follow the directions on the form.

Submit a certified copy of the application and documentary evidence as well as any applicable fees for the legal name-change amendment and additional certified copy/copies of the birth certificate to Texas Vital Statistics at the address specified on VS-170. Note there is a separate address to send your form if you require expedited processing.

Parentage Amendments

Contact a lawyer or your local court to find out the requirements in your county for making a significant change to your name or the last name of your child if not adding the biological father's information. Typically, this will require a court decree of approval to make the change.

Download and fill out a copy of the Application for a New Birth Certificate Based on Parentage from the Texas Vital Statistics Forms webpage.

Sign the document with the biological father in the presence of a Notary Public. If the father is no longer alive, seek assistance from your local court for approval of name change based on documentary evidence.

Submit a certified copy of the application, a marriage license, a certified court decree or an Acknowledgement of Paternity form with any applicable fees for the new birth certificate and amended birth record to Texas Vital Statistics per the address listed on Department of State health website. The current fee is $25 for the certificate plus $22 per certified copy.