9 Hammock Essentials for the Perfect Summer Afternoon


Perhaps Henry James got a little carried away when he said that "summer afternoon" epitomized "the two most beautiful words in the English language." Clear blue skies and green trees glittering in sunshine are breathtaking, of course, but we think that a summer afternoon has to include more than just scenery to pique our interest. Get into a state of mind that relishes in the post-lunch hours of summertime when you cozy up to another complementary pair of words: a standing hammock. As you sway in the cool breeze alongside these nine must-have accessories, the warm hours that stretch to sunset can be filled with as little or as much activity as you please. And that feeling is stunning, indeed.

  1. A pillow detailed in palms in case there are none shading you overhead.
  2. A striped blanket for when the breeze becomes slightly too cool. 
  3. A Marshall bluetooth speaker for all of your favorite tunes. 
  4. A pair of sandals for when you reluctantly need to move from your perch.
  5. An umbrella to shade you from particularly strong rays.
  6. A page-turner to pass the time between snacks. 
  7. A lantern for when you want to keep swaying under the stars. 
  8. Simple syrup to flavor an icy cocktail. 
  9. A pair of shades so you can nap under the sun.