Uses for Vitamin E Oil on the Hair & Body

by Sava Tang Alcantara

Using vitamin E oil to care for the hair and body is easy.

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Vitamin E is an effective antioxidant that prevents cells and tissue from oxidation, which can cause premature aging. Using vitamin E oil to care for the hair and body is easy: It is found in many skin, hair and body-care products. You can use hair and body-care products made with vitamin E oil or even create some of your own at home. According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), vitamin E can become a scavenger of antioxidants to protect cells from apotosis (cell death).

Repair Split Ends

Shampoos made with vitamin E can help repair split ends and hair damaged from styling stress of blow drying, curling and coloring. To make a simple shampoo fortified with vitamin E, combine 12 oz. of unscented liquid castile soap with one ounce of liquid vitamin E. You can add essential oils to scent the shampoo. This can be used as a daily shampoo as normal as it is still rinsed out of the hair before drying and styling.

Deeply Condition Hair

Condition your hair with vitamin E with a hair treatment you make yourself. Blend equal parts of olive, jojoba, coconut and hemp oils to add up to 12 oz. You can also choose to use only two to three of these oils. Add 2 oz. of liquid vitamin E and essential oils to scent it. Use by applying to clean and dry hair, combing through from the scalp to the ends.

For a deeper conditioning hair treatment, heat 2 tbsp. of this oil mixture, apply to hair and wrap in a towel for at least 20 minutes or overnight. Shampoo and condition in the morning.

Heal Sunburn

Apply vitamin E oil to skin on the face for sunburn, to the lips when they are chapped from wind exposure or to any cut that has closed. Do not apply to any open cuts. Vitamin E will help small scratches heal more quickly. Select vitamin E based on how many international units a product contains. For example, you can purchase pure vitamin E in a roll-on applicator at 45,000 IU and simply roll it onto the skin directly. You can also pierce a vitamin E gel cap and spread the vitamin E oil onto the skin. Check labels to see that you are not simply buying soybean oil, which will not provide the same antioxidant benefits.

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