How to Reduce Wrinkles Between Your Eyes

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Wrinkles between the eyes, otherwise known as "brow furrows," are a common sign of aging and negative emotions, according to There are several steps you can take to reduce those age signs.

The Decision for Surgery

Discuss the pros and cons of a surgical procedure involving the use of Botox with a licensed dermatologist. Botox is generally well-accepted by the medical profession, although some studies have indicated that the toxin, made by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum, is neurologically dangerous. The bacteria is also responsible for the life-threatening type of food poisoning called botulism, although the substance is used in very small quantities by dermatologists.

Buy anti-wrinkle creams that are high in peptides, the top-rated combinations, according to Rutgers University. New cell growth, wound healing and the process of skin rejuvenation are encouraged by peptides, or amino acid proteins that are linked together. Buy your product keeping in mind that the more peptides the product has, the better a choice for wrinkle reduction. Try any of the following to see if the product works for your skin: Dermavisu, Prevera, strivectin sd and Prototype #37C. Prevera is an excellent product and is reasonably priced. This cream contains all of the "important" six peptides for skin rejuvenation and is highly effective. Try the most affordable product first, as experience is the best way to discover whether a skin cream is right for you.

Use over-the-counter creams from the local drug store or department store. These creams can be quite expensive, so keep your eye on price. Buy a basic skincare line first, and then move on to targeted preparations as your budget allows. According to beauty maven Paula Begoun, "Beauty Magazine" reader ratings and top-rated beauty websites, the Olay Regeneriste beauty product line is highly effective and just as good as more expensive anti-wrinkle creams. The Regeneriste line of products offer targeted creams and serums, ranging from tightening and sagging to anti-wrinkle effects.