Mustache Wax Ingredients

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Maintaining a mustache takes more than just trimming or shaving, especially when you decide to grow one out. Mustache wax is a popular option if you're looking to groom and condition your facial hair with just as much care as you do the hair on your head. Mustache wax keeps stray hairs in place, conditions and softens strands and gives shine to facial hair. Many companies offer quality mustache waxes, and most use similar ingredients.

Beeswax and Petroleum Jelly

Most mustache waxes consist of a 50/50 combination of beeswax and petroleum jelly that serves as a foundation. Beeswax is a solid natural wax secreted by workers bees to build the foundations of honeycombs. Petroleum jelly is a filtrated byproduct of petroleum. The beeswax helps to stiffen, hold and maintain your mustache's form while the petroleum jelly serves as a protectant and moisturizer for the hair itself.

Saturated and Essential Oils

In lieu of petroleum jelly, some mustache waxes use saturated oils such as coconut oil or essential oils like lanolin to soften and condition your mustache hair. Some of these oils have scents that lend to the distinctive differences between brands.

Gum Arabic

Gum arabic is a substance usually used as a main ingredient in soft drink syrups and assists in the adhesion of newspaper ink to paper. Like beeswax and petroleum jelly, gum arabic is an emulsifier and can replace either ingredient in the foundation of the mustache wax.

Other Possible Ingredients

Pine resin and shea nut butter can also substitute as foundations for mustache waxes due to similar consistencies to beeswax. Spices and scented oils such as sandalwood, cinnamon and cardamom give you a variety of mustache wax choices based upon a scent to pair with your preference in consistency and hold.