How Does Ecrinal Hair Care Make Hair Grow?

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Hormones, genetics and even stress can play powerful roles in influencing and perhaps even expediting hair loss. Ecrinal products seek to reverse this through the use of one main ingredient: ANP, or horse mane extract. This is a natural ingredient that can stimulate hair, skin and nails into growing stronger, faster and healthier. It is a patented active ingredient that has proven to be the bread and butter of the Ecrinal line of products.

What Is ANP?

ANP is a globally patented and select production ingredient that is utilized exclusively by an organization called Laboratories Asepta. This company takes advantage of this privatized ingredient and uses it in almost every one of their Ecrinal-line products. ANP is a completely natural substance that is highly concentrated with omega-3 fatty acids. This helps increase the rate at which keratin is produced in the keratinized parts of the body. One of these is the hair. For most mammals, something called a hair bulb is located in a certain kind of tissue under the animal’s skin. This tissue is oily and serves as a permanent addition to the adequate continued growth of the animal’s hair. Its presence in most mammals led scientists to consider its function as a key contributor to hair growth. This oily substance from the hair bulb was found to considerably improve the growth and health of all keratinized parts of the human body.

How Does ANP Make Hair Grow Faster?

Studies have demonstrated that ANP is able to mobilize many different chemicals that directly influence the health and rate of regeneration. This improved rate of metabolism in the body is pertinent to actively generating a biosynthesis of the sulphurated amino acids that are necessary for active hair growth. It also contains a highly concentrated amount of hair-healthy fatty acids. This includes compounds such as linoleic acid and acids in the omega-3 family. ANP has the ability to begin taking effect and work very quickly. Its positive effects can begin almost immediately following application. This has since been proven in many pharmaceutical studies.