The Best Wrinkle Moisturizers

Wrinkle creams are always in demand. The ingredient common to most of the best ones is peptides. Peptides are the chemical bonds formed when amino acids link together in proteins, the key building blocks of most living tissues. The more the product contains, the better the product is rated by dermatologists Patricia Wexler and Harvey Weinberg of Southampton Dermatological Associates. Consumers agree, according to

Look for peptides in the first few lines of the ingredients list when shopping for a wrinkle cream. According to Renee Coleman of, antioxidant properties, anti-inflammatory ingredients and collagen are the other things to look for on the ingredients list.

The Newest Wrinkle Cream

Ninety-nine percent of Prototype #37-C is composed of peptides, which dermatologists agree are the best way to treat wrinkles without a prescription. This cream is available only on the Internet. The cream is called "revolutionary" by,, and

OTC Favorites

Some of the most effective wrinkle creams are available relatively cheaply at your local health food store or drugstore. StrivectinSD produces results fairly quickly. Olay Regenerist Sculpting Cream gets high marks from Allure Magazine and from longtime cosmetics researcher Paula Begoun, who wrote "Don't Go to the Cosmetics Counter Without Me" and also recommends Neutrogena Visibly Firm. Patricia wexler products, available at Bath and Body Works, and Reviva Peptide Cream, available at health food stores, are also rated high.

Products You Can Order

Prevera contains peptides and is said to stimulate collagen production and elastin, that youthful quality of firmness. Dermavexin is another new cream, using the controversial technology of stem-cell foundation. This type of technology has been shown to create new skin cells. Dermavisu promises increased results with continuing use; some users report an 85 percent wrinkle reduction. Dr. Oz, on his health television show, has recommended DermaAcai because of its preventative properties.

Dermatologist Recommendations

According to Dr. Harvey Weinberg, a dermatologist at East End Dermatological Associates in Southampton, New York, the best products for wrinkles are available at a dermatologist's office, where your skin can be evaluated by a medical professional. Prescription skin products are usually more powerful and effective than store brands, but clearly, some store brands are extremely good.