The Best Eye Cream for Teenagers

Milan Markovic/iStock/Getty Images

Eye cream is an everyday product that most women over 30 swear by. Although teenagers generally don't need the same anti-aging protection as older women fighting wrinkles, it still pays to start moisturizing the delicate area around the eyes at a young age. Certain creams that include moisturizing ingredients can provide hydration without the strong chemicals that young women don't need yet.

Oily Skin

For teenagers with oily skin, keeping the oil at bay is the number one concern. Oily skin needs an eye cream that specifies it is an oil-free formula. It should also be noncomedogenic, which means it will not cause clogged pores -- which can lead to breakouts. A light formula that contains dimethicone is good for basic hydration around the eyes and the facial skin, notes Teen Vogue.

Dry Skin

To moisturize dry skin around the eyes, teens should use creams with ingredients like petrolatum, which is commonly found in skin creams and eye creams. This type of eye cream is heavier and richer than what girls with oily skin should use, but it still should not irritate delicate eye skin.

Normal or Combination Skin

Combination skin can cause confusion when selecting skincare products. For girls that have this type of skin, it is best to stick with an oil-free cream. For young women that have puffy eyes, a cream or gel that has caffeine in it can reduce puffiness. An eye cream with antioxidants can be used, but powerful chemicals like retinols are not as important for women this young.

Sun Protection Factor

Whatever your skin type, pick an eye cream with a sun protection factor, or SPF, for daytime use. This prevents sun damage that can later contribute to wrinkles. However, SPF creams are not recommended for nighttime use, as they won't be as hydrating as those formulas intended for overnight moisture. A separate overnight eye cream isn't even necessary; just use your regular nighttime facial moisturizer right up and around the eye area.