How to Cook Thick Sliced Bacon in the Microwave

Fried bacon strips

vikif/iStock/Getty Images

Bacon is traditionally cured strips of pork but can be made from turkey, chicken, beef, goat or lamb. Bacon strips are cut in varying degrees of thicknesses, which affects the texture of the meat. Thicker bacon can be chewier or crunchier, and it often has a richer flavor. Microwaving bacon is one of the quickest and simplest methods of preparing it.

Lay two paper towels over a microwave-safe dinner plate. Place the thick slices of bacon on the paper towels, positioned 1/4-inch apart.

Place one paper towel over the slices of bacon. Set the plate in the microwave. Microwave the bacon on high for six minutes.

Replace the top paper towel with a fresh one and continue microwaving for an additional three minutes. For crispy bacon, microwave for an additional six minutes.

Remove the plate from the microwave carefully. Allow the bacon to cool for three minutes. Serve the thick sliced bacon while hot.