5 Ideas That'll Take Your Gift-Wrapping Game to the Next Level


Put down the plain wrapping paper and step away from the giant bag of standard bows — you can do better than that. After spending hours browsing store after store searching for the perfect present, you need wrapping paper and homemade gift tags that are just as special as the present you chose. It doesn't matter if you go ultra-fancy for your BFF with light-up gift wrap, or you construct a Santa-inspired look for the kiddo in your life: Your presents will look so good that Santa's elves are going to be copying you next Christmas.

Pay Homage to the Big Man in the Red Suit

Dress your present in the most iconic outfit of the season and it'll stand out among the sea of generic gift bags. Start with a roll of plain red wrapping paper, and then add the signature white trim and gold belt buckle with felt and cardstock. Thanks to the tiny bells on the buttons, your friends will hear this gift coming from a mile away — and they'll all be hoping it has their name on the tag.

Jonathan Fong

Let Your Gift Light Up the Room

When you want to make sure your gift is the brightest and most coveted one at the office Christmas party, you pull out all the stops. This illuminated gift wrap will not only steal the show, it'll have all of your coworkers convinced you're actually one of Santa's crafty elves in disguise.

Jonathan Fong

Your Gift Wrap Game's on Fire With This Mantle Design

Make the outside of your present look as fun and unique as what's inside with this fireplace gift wrap. Save yourself some extra time and pick a relatively small box to wrap, since putting together the brick pattern, fireplace and stockings can be a labor of love. Turn on your favorite Christmas flick and get to work!

Jonathan Fong

Shaking Your Present Just Got More Fun

Now when you shake that gift box to try and find out what's hiding inside, you'll have something beautiful to look at. With each shake of this snow globe gift wrap, the glitter inside will float down like snowflakes. Don't worry about getting glitter bombed when you open the present either, since the snow globe will stay intact even after you get your hands on the awesome gift inside.

Jonathan Fong

You Won't Want to Let This One Go

Turn your Frozen obsession into cool inspiration for your gift wrap. Start with plain blue wrapping paper as your base, and add anything from organza fabric to a floral pick — as long as you stick with silver, white and blue colors. This one is so beautiful you may not be able to let it go.

Jonathan Fong