How to Make Sour Cream Out of Heavy Whipping Cream

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Although sour cream is a traditional ingredient used in various Russian, Eastern European and German recipes, its use is not limited to only these cuisines. Instead, sour cream lovers the world over enjoy this thick cream as an ingredient in any number of dips and sauces, use it to thicken and flavor sauces, and as a condiment itself. Homemade sour cream contains fresh, natural ingredients and has a taste that is comparable to store-bought brands.

Combine the cream, milk and cultured buttermilk in the glass jar.

Stir the ingredients in the jar thoroughly to mix them.

Cover the jar loosely and allow it to stand at room temperature for approximately 24 hours or until the cream thickens.

Chill the sour cream and mix well before serving.

Store any remaining sour cream in the refrigerator for up to four weeks.