How to Cook Pancakes on a George Foreman Grill

Stack of pancakes with butter on a plate

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Pancakes are an extremely easy dish to prepare and are a cherished breakfast food by many. While cooking pancakes at home is easy with a stove, sometimes you won’t have access to your regular cooking equipment. For those times when you are not near a stove top or you don’t feel like firing up the oven, you can cook your pancakes on a basic George Foreman grill. Your George Foreman pancakes can be created in less than an hour and require no special tools.

Prepare your favorite pancake batter recipe.

Snap the griddle attachment into place on the bottom panel of the George Foreman grill; this is where you will be cooking your pancakes. Keep the grill open for the entire length of time you cook the pancakes, as closing the lid will dry them out quickly.

Heat up the George Foreman grill on medium until water evaporates instantly on contact with the surface.

Gently spread the oil along the grill's surface with the spatula.

Pour a ¼ cup of batter onto the surface of the George foreman grill and let it cook until it begins to bubble on top.

Flip the pancake once the top begins to bubble and the bottom assumes a rich golden color.

Cook the pancake on the other side for a few minutes until it reaches a golden-brown color.

Remove the pancake from the grill, add more oil and cook the next pancake.

Continue this procedure until all of the pancakes are finished.