How to Grill Rhubarb

bunch of rhubarb on wooden table

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Rhubarb is a stalk vegetable that looks similar to celery. Rhubarb commonly serves as a dessert food, such as in a pie. The characteristic tart flavor of the vegetable is usually cut with sugar. Grilling rhubarb with a touch of sugar caramelizes the stalks, making for a sweeter, lighter and healthier end to your meal. You can grill rhubarb easily on a gas or charcoal grill.

Wash the rhubarb to remove any dirt or silt that remains on the stalks. Dry with paper towels.

Cut the stalks into 2-inch, bite-sized pieces.

Place the rhubarb in a zip-top plastic bag with up to 1/3 cup of sugar. Let the vegetable and sugar soften for at least an hour. As the rhubarb and sugar mixture sits, preheat your grill to medium-high heat.

Remove the rhubarb, shake off any excess sugar and place it in a grill basket. Use a heat-proof frying pan or casserole dish if you do not have a grill basket. The purpose of the vessel is to prevent the small pieces from falling between the grill grates.

Place the rhubarb on the grill over direct heat. Allow the first side to cook for about five minutes. Flip over the grill basket, or if you are working with an enclosed cooking pan, turn the rhubarb over with a spatula. You may see some wilting of the stalks; this is normal.

Cook the second side of the rhubarb over the hot grill for another three to five minutes. Thicker stalks may require a longer cooking time. Poke a knife into a single stalk to determine if the rhubarb is grilled to your desired softness. Remove it from the heat.

Serve grilled, caramelized rhubarb with low-fat or fat-free whipped topping, a sprinkle of sugar, or other grilled fruits for a healthy dessert.