The Best Way to Peel Pears

by Sommer Leigh ; Updated July 18, 2017

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The best way to peel pears is similar to the way a potato or an apple is peeled. Cutting the peel away with a knife can remove too much of the fruit, but a vegetable peeler offers greater control in removing only the thin layer of peel. When peeling pears, it's important to retain as much of this healthy fruit as possible. One medium pear has only about 100 calories but is a source of fiber and vitamin C, yet it has no sodium, fat or cholesterol.

Wash the pears under cool running water.

Dry the pears with a paper towel.

Position the vegetable peeler at the stem of the pear and pull it down to the bottom of the pear. Continue peeling off the skin in strips until all the skin is removed.


  • Choose pears that are ripe but not mushy for eating fresh, cooking or preserving. Rock hard pears are tasteless and do not improve with time.

    After peeling the pear, cut it in half lengthwise and remove the core before cutting it into slices.

    Dip the pears in a solution of citric acid to prevent them from browning.

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