How to Get Young, Firmer & Plump Skin With an Oral Collagen Supplement

Yuri Arcurs/Hemera/Getty Images

Collagen is a protein that works to form connective tissue. It is also an essential element in skin. Collagen supplements promise to improve skin quality with an animal protein and combination of vitamins. Taking a supplement may help with skin, but it would only be one step in the process of making skin look younger. There is no clinical evidence that collagen supplements will reduce the effects of aging. Talk to your doctor before taking a collagen supplement to ensure it will not cause complications.

Wash your skin twice a day with a mild cleanser, ideally in the morning when you wake up and at night. Apply a moisturizer to your clean skin.

Take one collagen supplement tablet before breakfast with a glass of water. The correct dosage may depend on the product. Read the directions on the supplement for dosage instructions.

Apply a sunscreen or SPF-rated cosmetic to your face prior to going outside. Reducing exposure to UV rays from the sun will help prevent further damage.

Drink at least eight glasses of water a day. Water is an essential nutrient to keep skin supple.

Ingest a second collagen supplement pill in the evening. Take the pill on an empty stomach -- so before dinner or going to bed. Take the tablet with a glass of water.

Pour 1 tbsp. of liquid collagen supplement. Take it prior to going to bed. This is only if you are not taking collagen in pill form. Store your liquid collagen in the refrigerator. Read the label for precise dosage instructions.