Aphrodisiac Foods List

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If you are looking to improve sexual arousal -- yours or your partners -- try some aphrodisiacs. Aphrodisiacs are foods that can increase the potency of the male arousal and increase the cravings of women. These foods vary in origin, type and nutrition value, but each of them has the advantage of increasing sexual desire for each gender. Eating aphrodisiac foods may increase your sexual desire, potency and improve your mood.

Seafood Aphrodisiacs

Boiled Atlantic Lobster

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The most well-known aphrodisiacs are oysters and clams. Other seafood items that can improve potency include lobster and scallops. In fact, the liver of the lobster is supposed to be a potent aphrodisiac. This section of the lobster, called the tomalley, is added to spicy foods as a condiment, as well as several snacks and side dishes.

Phallic Foods

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Foods that resemble the phallic nature of the aphrodisiac target are known to improve the potency of both males and women. Foods such as bananas, celery and asparagus are three known foods that are long, thick and juicy. These foods can provide a stimulus if you are looking for that extra spice in the bedroom. These foods may not have the chemical nature of seafood or other aphrodisiacs, but they provide the look and style if you want to please and tease using foods with symbols. These foods are also low in fat if you or your partner are dieting.

Sweets and Fruits

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Sweets and fruits mixed together are great aphrodisiacs that allow you to play during those intimate times. Chocolate and strawberries is a notable fruit and sweet combination that is used as an after-dinner ingredient for a fun couple's night. Dip strawberries in milk chocolate and eat them alone or during foreplay. The combination helps both males and females get in the mood. Top this off with some champagne. These three items are common on nights of romance. They are also good if you want some aphrodisiacs during an anniversary or special date.