Beach Basket Gift Ideas

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The beach is a popular destination for all ages on warm, sunny days. Give a beach basket to friends and loved ones who enjoy spending time at the beach. Sun and sand can threaten personal health and property at the beach. Your beach basket gift may include items that help protect both the body and valuables that people take to the beach. Promote fitness and physical activity with items that provide fun games to play at the beach.


Include lotions and creams that help prevent sun-damaged skin. Overexposure to sunlight may cause painful sunburn. Severe burns may cause skin cancer later in life. Long-term overexposure also may result in wrinkles, freckles, age spots, dilated blood vessels and leathery skin. Include sunscreen with at least 30 SPF that protects the skin from both UVA and UVB rays. Grocery stores and pharmacies carry sunscreen specifically for the face, lips and body.

Towels and Mats

Add oversize beach towels to your beach basket gift. Besides keeping swimmers dry, beach towels help keep sand off the body and items beach-goers want to protect. Your beach basket gift may include personalized towels that feature the name or photograph of the gift recipient. The beach basket may include mats in addition to towels. Beach mats come in bamboo, foam and other materials that are easy to clean and hold fewer sand granules than towels.


Beach toys and other recreational items provide fun physical activities at the beach. Your beach basket gift may include sand castle tools like shovels and buckets. Rackets, paddles, kickballs, volleyballs and footballs can inspire a variety of catching, kicking and lobbing games at the beach. You can also supplement aquatic recreation activities by giving items such as surfboard wax, flippers, goggles and skim boards.

Waterproof Accessories

You may include handy waterproof items to protect valuables at the beach. Help someone capture memories from a beach trip with a waterproof camera or include a transparent waterproof camera pouch to protect a traditional camera. Hard and soft waterproof and water-resistant cases and pouches can protect valuables like electronics, watches, wallets and jewelry.

Drinks and Snacks

Help someone stay nourished and hydrated on a sunny day at the beach with beverages, snacks and accessories for these items. You may include water bottles, resalable food containers and other picnic accessories in your beach gift basket. Sports drinks supply fluid and electrolytes to help replenish water and nutrients that the body loses through sweat. Avoid caffeinated, salty or sugary snacks and drinks, because these items can worsen symptoms of dehydration. Dried fruit and healthy nutrition bars can give your friend or loved one energy to enjoy a long day at the beach.