BelleWave Skin Care Products

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Whether you want a white, freckle-free face, a clear, acne-free complexion or smooth, wrinkle-free skin, BelleWave Cosmetics promises to carry the product you pine to purchase. Founded in 1980, the company features almost 40 skin-care preparations for women of all ages and skin types. Products contain blends of vitamins and natural botanicals that BelleWave claims respond to the real needs of women with skin issues, including aging, acne and pigmentation.

Anti-Aging Agents

BelleWave's GlamorWave line features products that help restore a more youthful complexion for the older set. Products such as Ageless Intensive Cream, Vigor-Hydra Balancing Masque, Stem-Cellogist Youth Complex and Cream Renewal all promise to defend the skin against the symptoms of aging. The website claims that the GlamorWave range of products hydrates and deeply replenishes the complexion to tone and firm your skin as well as reduce lines and wrinkles. Other creams and masques included in the line help slough off dead skin cells, rejuvenate the complexion and promote even skin tones.

The EyeWave line features four products that contain marine extracts and special botanical ingredients to prevent dark circles, dryness and premature aging around your baby blues. The MaskWave line includes another four products -- facial masques -- that moisturize, firm and soften your complexion. In addition, there is a MediWave exfoliating booster, and a HydroWave line that features two preparations that help to replenish moisture loss.

Acne Alleviators

To banish breakouts and zap zits, BelleWave spotlights its ClearWave range of products. Composed of seven products, such as Blemish Spot Perfection Gel, Deep Cleansing Milk and De-Bac Astringent Lotion, the ClearWave line claims to eradicate acne by unclogging and tightening pores, and reducing shine and dryness.

Pigmentation Products

If you desire a clear, white, pristine complexion like Taylor Swift or Nicole Kidman, BelleWave's WhiteWave line promises results. C Luster Young Force Lightening Essence, Restorative Luminous Cream and Gentle Cleansing Milk are just a few of the WhiteWave products that reduce melanin levels to create lighter, whiter complexions without dark spots or freckles. According to, WhiteWave products help block melanin signals and shatter melanin deposits, creating a white-washed effect.

More BelleWave

In addition to aging, acne and pigmentation products, BelleWave carries a sunblock line called SunWave that also helps to moisturize your skin. The ProfessionalWave line contains complete skin-care kits only available to professionals.