An Egg Bagel's Calories

by Melodie Anne

Popping an egg bagel into the toaster for breakfast isn’t necessarily sinful. Small bagels contribute a healthy dose of calories to your diet. It’s those larger ones that are nearly the size of your hand, that pack a lot of calories into your morning meal.

The Calorie Low Down

If you have a small egg bagel that is 3 inches in diameter and weighs around 70 grams, you’ll get more than 190 calories. The ones you come across at your local coffee shop though are probably much bigger. A 4 1/2-inch egg bagel that weighs closer to 130 grams, has nearly 365 calories. You already know that the biggest contributor to calories in egg bagels are carbohydrates. Seventy-eight percent of the overall calories are from carbs. Less than 7 percent of the calories come from fat, while 15 percent of the calories are from protein.

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