Calories in Yogurtland Frozen Yogurt

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It's tough to find a better way to beat the heat on a hot day than with a cold cup of frozen yogurt. On your hunt for the frozen dairy treat, you might come across a Yogurtland location. The chain's first store opened in 2006 and, as of 2014, has dozens of stores across the country. Yogurtland's frozen yogurt is low-fat or fat-free, and the calories per serving are relatively low.

A Sweet, Low-Calorie Treat

Each of Yogurtland's 25-plus flavors of frozen yogurt contains between 80 and 130 calories per serving. Flavors with 80 calories include Chocolate Twilight, Green Apple Tart and Pecans & Pralines. Those with 90 calories per serving include Blood Orange Tart, Juicy Peach Tart and Guava Pineapple Tart. Chocolate Coconut Truffle, Dutch Chocolate and Madagascar Vanilla Bean have 110 calories per serving, while Double Cookies & Cream, Devil's Food Cupcake Batter and New York Cheesecake have 120 calories. At 130 calories per serving, Vanilla Wafer is the highest-calorie item on the Yogurtland menu. You can add any of Yogurtland's 50-plus toppings to your frozen yogurt; these toppings range in calories from 10 to 200.