Facial Moisturizer for Extremely Dry Skin

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Extremely dry skin needs attention, but it demands even more if it's on your face. Your facial skin is more delicate and more vulnerable because it is the most exposed skin on your body. Also, you want to feel confident and attractive with healthy, hydrated skin. Using a well-suited facial moisturizer for your dry skin is especially important when facing the winter months. Learn to give your face the care it needs.

Ingredients for Dry Skin Relief

Dermatologists agree there are several key ingredients in facial moisturizers to treat extremely dry skin. You can address your extremely dry skin with a skincare treatment system that incorporates these hydrating ingredients. Consider not only moisturizers but cleansers, masks and toners that include oatmeal, antioxidants, lanolin, aloe vera and oils like olive or lavender. Moisturizers that contain vitamins E and A are also excellent hydrating agents.

Daily Moisturizer

Using a good daily facial moisturizer for your dry skin is very important to maintaining hydrated skin. Follow the directions; using in excess will not solve your dry skin problem and could cause irritation or a greasy appearance. If your skin is very dry, it may also be sensitive; choose hypoallergenic moisturizers to protect against possible allergic reactions. Though typically lotions and cremes are recommended, oils and ointments may provide a more intense hydration.

Facial Moisturizing Treatments

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To give your extremely dry skin a boost, you might consider at-home or spa hydrating treatments. At-home treatments typically include the use of a weekly mask. Spa treatments often entail more extensive hydrating treatments, and an aesthetician may recommend at-home treatment, as well. At-home or spa treatments are not a quick fix, but consistent use may assist in rejuvenating your skin's natural elasticity and preserving the pH balance, both of which help in the recovery of dry skin.

Facial Moisturizer Product Lines

There are many marketed facial moisturizers to choose from for dry skin relief. Wild Rose Cream by Welda, claims to renew elasticity for dry skin. Avalon, Aveda and Dr. Hauschka advertise natural product lines for your dry face. Dr. Hauschka and Aveda also make skincare systems that are used in spas by licensed aestheticians. Nature's Gate, Aveeno and Kiss My Face are also well-known companies that offer facial moisturizers with natural ingredients to help relieve your dry skin.

Beyond Facial Moisturizers

In addition to an effective facial moisturizer and skincare regimen, consider other daily lifestyle changes to address dry skin. Consider improving your diet to treat extremely dry skin, and add antioxidants to treat your skin from the inside out. Stay well hydrated by drinking plenty of water, as well. Wear sunscreen on your face year-round, and don't smoke or drink alcoholic beverages in excess.