Dry Patches on the Body

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Some days your usual wash-and-go skin care routine just isn't enough. Dry patches on your body, whether seasonal or a regular occurrence, crave soothing ingredients and extra hydration. Dry patches flake and become irritated and evident over time if left to their own devices. Look after dry patches on your body with some additional daily care.


Dry patches can be a result of environmental factors or skin type. Indoor heating and winter air cause dryness and irritation for even the oiliest of skin. Eczema is genetic and causes skin to become dry and flaky any time of the year. Choose skin care products without alcohol, which strips the skin of moisture. Exfoliate your skin only once a week to gently soften the surface without causing irritation.


Make changes to your cleansing routine to improve the texture of your skin. Limit showers to fewer than 10 minutes and use warm water instead of hot to avoid stripping your skin of moisture. Gently massage a cleanser containing urea into damp skin to soften and deeply nourish skin. Take a similar approach when cleansing your face -- use an oil-based cleanser and rinse with a damp cloth to exfoliate.


Swap lightweight moisturizers for intensive products that heal the skin. Pat a glycolic acid-based serum on the area to help skin retain moisture and massage a shea butter-based moisturizer or noncomedogenic oil to the area, using a circular motion. Use a lactic acid-based product to even skin tone damaged by the dryness. Plug in a humidifier before you go to sleep to increase moisture in the air and wake up with plumper skin.

Lifestyle Changes

Consider altering your diet to nourish skin from the inside out. Add silica-rich foods like celery and cucumber to at least one meal a day to increase hydration. Snack on protein-rich foods such as flax seeds and walnuts to help skin retain moisture, while reducing inflammation. Carrots and Swiss chard contain vitamin B-7, which strengthens skin to protect it from environmental factors. If you're pressed for time, blend vitamin-rich ingredients into a smoothie and sip it on the go.