How to Cover Up a Circumcision Scar

by Mike Broemmel ; Updated August 14, 2017

Skin-tone Concealer

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The scars brought about by circumcision are unavoidable, and a potential hindrance for many affected males. These scars can hinder not only in a physical capacity, but also a mental capacity. Depending upon the degree of your scarring, and perhaps your motivation for adult circumcision at the outset, you may wish to consider plastic surgery to reduce any adverse impact on the penis’s appearance. Although, because plastic surgery is typically quite expensive, and in a case like this able to do little more than mask or camouflage the scarring, you might wish to consider more of a do-it-yourself approach.

Covering the Circumcision Scar

Select a thick, skin-toned, matte concealer, such as Dermablend Cover Crème. (For superior and longer-lasting results, you may also wish to select an appropriate setting powder.)

Dab a pea-sized amount of the concealer on your hand or forearm to test for allergic reaction. Where any type of reaction follows, another type of concealer will be required.

Wash and dry the affected area using warm water and a dry towel.

Apply a pea-sized amount of concealer to your index finger, and gently massage onto the affected area. Repeat this step until a desirable coverage has been achieved. (Setting powder would also be applied at this stage, by lightly brushing the powder onto the area on top of the concealer.)


  • Be sure to consider your skin-type (i.e. oily, dry) when selecting a concealer.

    Whilst concealer will certainly improve the penis’s appearance in both photographs and video, if sexual activity is the primary incentive for the adjustment, it should be noted that the concealer will only provide you with a temporary solution. Concealer is not designed to withstand the degree of localized, physical contact that may come with sexual activity. For more permanent solutions, you may wish to consider surgery.

    The attractiveness and suitability of cosmetic surgery will fluctuate from one individual to the next, according to many individual factors. Although it is by far more expensive, surgery is a perfectly safe solution. If you believe that surgery would be the most effective approach for you under your current personal circumstances, then be sure to consult a credentialed and reputable surgeon.

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