Facts on the Health Benefits of Skim Milk

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The Health Benefits of Skim Milk Are Questionable

There are conflicting views on the health benefits of skim milk. Industry-backed research and advertising touts the goodness of skim milk. However, credible research by non-profit nutrition foundations and health researchers have found numerous problems with skim milk. At best, the health benefits of skim milk are debatable. Some unbiased research has even shown they are nonexistent.

Drinking Skim Milk Can Lead to Nutritional Deficiencies

Whole milk contains vitamins A and D in the butterfat, aiding in assimilation of protein and calcium found in the rest of the milk. When the butterfat is removed, the body needs to take vitamins from its reserves to absorb the protein and calcium in skim milk. Therefore, drinking only skim milk actually contributes to nutritional deficiencies as the body depletes its vitamin stores in order to make use of the skim milk.

Skim Milk Contains Dried Milk Concentrate

Skim milk is not simply milk with the fat removed; this would be too thin and watery for consumption as milk. Instead, dried concentrated milk protein is added to give it bulk. The powdered milk concentrate is created through a high temperature process that denatures the protein, making it difficult for the body to utilize. Furthermore, the process creates oxidized cholesterol, which can contribute to heart disease.

Pasteurization Further Destroys the Good Qualities of Milk

While many health officials hail pasteurization as a necessary, helpful procedure to ensure the safety of milk, the verdict is not so clear. Heating milk destroys live enzymes and harms the delicate milk protein structure, inhibiting its digestibility. Raw milk, conversely, is more easily digested and its live enzymes help the body break down lactose and assimilate vitamins. Many who are lactose intolerant find they can drink raw milk without a problem.

Skim Milk Is Marketed as a Health Food to Make Money

Food companies make more money from their dairy products if they can take the cream off milk and sell the cream as whipping cream, ice cream or other, more expensive products. In order to do this, skim milk must be perceived as a good product. Companies and organizations have intentionally marketed skim milk as a health food, although there is much evidence to suggest the opposite.

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