Are There Natural Ways to Promote Hair Growth?

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Lengthening your locks naturally isn't impossible, but it also isn't instantaneous. If you want to promote hair growth naturally, start with being smart about your diet and haircare habits. Both internal and external factors contribute to hair growth and loss, and your hair health can be a good reflection of your overall health. Though no individual miracle method will make your hair grow at lightning speed, you can take concrete steps toward keeping it hydrated and strong, which will help it grow at a healthy rate.

Keeping Hair Healthy

Eating a diet rich in protein will help strengthen your strands and protect them from damage. Make nutritious foods such as kale, spinach, blueberries, eggs, walnuts, salmon and chicken regular staples at your kitchen table. If you're addicted to experimenting with colors and styling tools, tone it down -- constant changes and chemical treatments can leave your locks brittle, weak and less likely to grow at a good pace. Pulling hair back too tightly or brushing it too hard can also be detrimental to growth. Counteract this damage by taking vitamin B7 and fish-oil supplements. Don't neglect your emotional health -- high levels of stress can increase your level of cortisol, which can contribute to hair loss. To keep it under control, find a stress-relieving exercise you enjoy, such as yoga or meditating, and do it a few times a week.