What Natural Nutrients Are Good for Gray Hair?

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Noticing those first few strands of gray hair can be jarring, particularly if they are premature. Graying hair is related to a decreased level of melanin, which is what gives hair its pigment. According to the website Vitamins To Health, gray hair that occurs at a young age may be related to certain nutritional deficiencies. Although vitamins, minerals and herbs are not known to be cures for graying hair, you may find that they enable you to delay or avoid reaching for the hair dye.

B Vitamins

According to Diet Health Club.com, there are three B vitamins that are thought to play a role in decreasing graying hair. These are inositol, para-aminobenzoic acid and pantothenic acid. These three vitamins may work synergistically to restore the pigment of gray hair. Diet Health Club.com suggests taking these three together. Anti-Aging Wellness reports that in particular, para-aminobenzoic acid appears to have an anti-graying mechanism. Anti-Aging wellness recommends a daily dose of 200 milligrams of para-aminobenzoic acid. These methods aren't scientifically proven to reduce graying hair.


Some minerals may also be useful in delaying the appearance of gray hairs. Among the minerals you might find useful are calcium, copper and zinc, according to Anti-Aging Wellness.com. However, these minerals aren't considered a medical approach to preventing or eliminating gray hair.

Topical Nutrients

Some nutrients for reducing gray hair can be applied topically to the head, reports Anti-Aging Wellness. Some of these topical nutrients include the herb ashwagandha, which may increase the melanin of hair if applied topically; eugenol-oil, a clove-derived oil that may replenish lost hair pigment; and royal jelly, a bee secretion that is abundant in pantothenic acid and is considered a useful hair nutrient.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Omega-3 fatty acids have become well-known for their various health benefits, which range from heart disease prevention to relief from inflammation. These healthy fats, frequently derived from fish oils or flax seeds, may also be useful in preventing gray hair, reports Anti-Aging Wellness. Omega-3s can be taken either in capsule form or applied directly to the hair. There are also some omega-3-rich shampoos that may be helpful, Anti-Aging Wellness reports. Even with their excellent reputation for health benefits, omega-3s are not a scientifically proven remedy for gray hair.