Can Herbs Make Hair Grow Faster?

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For those with sensitive scalps, those who don’t want to use chemical products to stimulate hair growth, or those who have shorter hair than desired, using herbs is the optimum solution, says the Steady Health website. Herbs are all-natural and easily found either over-the-counter or in organic markets. While there is no herb that can guarantee fast hair growth, there are certain herbs that can encourage the stimulation your follicles need to grow hair.


Rosemary is one herb that has been used in hair care products to increase hair production. Rosemary does this by stimulating the hair follicle, which encourages hair growth and hair strength, says the Organic Facts website. You can get these hair-stimulating benefits by including rosemary into your food or by creating a rosemary hair rinse.

Do this by simmering rosemary leaves in water for 10 minutes, says the Love to Know site. Let cool and throw the leaves away. Pour the water over your hair and rinse. As with all herbs, topical use may cause irritation or other reactions on the skin; thus, it is best to ingest the herb if possible.


Chamomile is another herb for hair growth and stimulation. The herb can protect your hair and scalp against infections and damage, says the Organic Facts site. It also nourishes an itchy scalp, which can lead to hair loss. After shampooing, apply chamomile essential oil to the scalp, massage and rinse. You can also make a rinse using chamomile oil and water. Apply using the same method.


Ginkgo is known for its benefits in hair repair. The herb helps circulation all over the body including the scalp. This means faster hair growth, says the Become Gorgeous site. If you have already-damaged hair, ginkgo provides repair as well. Ginkgo is often taken using over-the-counter pills.


Ginseng is one of the top ingredients in hair care products due to its ability to encourage hair growth. It does this by increasing blood circulation and ridding the body of toxins it doesn’t need, which keeps you healthy in general and promotes healthy hair. These benefits also make for a scalp that’s nourished and healthy.

This also encourages hair growth as dandruff and other scalp-related issues can affect hair growth and even contribute to hair loss. For these benefits, you can use over-the-counter hair-care products that include ginseng, ingest ginseng tea, take over-the-counter ginseng pills, or incorporate ginseng root into your diet.