How to Remove Wrinkles Around the Mouth

AndreyPopov/iStock/Getty Images

A wrinkle is any fold or crease that appears on the skin. This is caused by too much exposure from the sun, causing skin damage, or naturally by age. Wrinkles affect both men and women and can make you look old, especially if there are many of them. Anti-wrinkle creams and other treatments have been found to smooth wrinkles.

Use an exfoliating cream on your face, especially around your mouth area. Exfoliation dissolves the surface layer of your skin, which contains dead skin cells. Look for the potent ingredient alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) complex. This chemical can help gradually diminish wrinkles and discolorations and help your skin absorb anti-wrinkle creams.

Use a high-quality anti-wrinkle cream on the affected areas. These popular creams work because they contain collagen, which are the building blocks of your skin. These creams lessen and seal the wrinkles and fine lines. You can purchase an anti-wrinkle cream at a drugstore. Ask your pharmacist which anti-wrinkle cream is good for your skin type. Follow the directions on the package before using the cream.

Stop smoking if you are already smoking, and stay away from secondhand smoke. Smoking involves puckering your lips. Doing this over and over again for many months or years can cause wrinkles to form around your mouth. Smoking can also cause skin discoloration and affect your blood circulation, making you look old.

Apply sunscreen to the affected areas to prevent further development of new wrinkles. The ultraviolet rays of the sun can cause the collagen in your skin to break down, causing wrinkles, dark spots and saggy skin. Apply a sunscreen with an SPF (sun protection factor) of 60 and above 30 minutes before going outside.

Prevent premature aging and wrinkles by eating foods rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants help replenish, nourish and strengthen your skin. Antioxidants can make you look young, while providing you with energy and boosting your immune system. Foods rich in antioxidants include tomatoes, berries, garlic, spinach, whole grains and soy beans. Consume at least 3 cups of these types of food every day.