VO5 Hot Oil for the Hair

Adam_Lazar/iStock/Getty Images

Among a lineup of shampoos, conditioners and styling products, VO5's Hot Oil Therapy moisturizing kit -- first introduced in 1976 -- stakes its claim as “the original hot oil.” While the company's Hot Oil Shower Works arrived in 1997, the original kit remains a staple of VO5's lineup. Like the manufacturer's other products, it features a formula of five hair-friendly vitamins: E, C, H, B-5 and B-3.

Hot Oil Highlights

VO5 recommends its Hot Oil Therapy moisturizing kit to condition hair and help revitalize treatment-damaged hair. According to the company, this oil restores you hair's natural oils lost during blow-drying, heat-styling and dyeing treatments. VO5's hot oil aims to moisturize the hair from root to tip and provide a relaxing experience via its warmth and fragrance.

How It Works

The Hot Oil Therapy Moisturizing Kit can be used as a weekly home hair treatment. To use the product, you first place the unopened tube of oil in warm water until it takes on a warm, but still touchable, temperature. Then, wet your hair and gently massage the oil into it, covering it from scalp to tip. Leave the oil on your hair for one minute, and then rinse your hair, scalp and skin thoroughly. Follow up by washing your hair with shampoo as usual.

What's in It

VO5's hot oil treatment features moisturizing aloe barbadensis leaf juice, the hair-healthy B-complex vitamin biotin, and hydrolyzed wheat and vegetable proteins to support the hair's protein content. Other ingredients include the B-3 vitamin niacinamide, the B-5 provitamin panthenol, keratin amino acids, cocotrimonium chloride hair-conditioning agents and the antioxidant ascorbic acid, also known as vitamin C. This product also contains inactive ingredients such as water, the thickening agent hydroxyethylcellulose and fragrance.

A Cooler Alternative

If you're pressed for time, VO5's Hot Oil Shower Works treatment serves the same purpose as its Hot Oil Therapy moisturizing kit, but -- despite its “hot” title -- this product does not require preheating. Instead, you massage the treatment into your wet hair and scalp, leave it on for a minute and rinse it out thoroughly before you shampoo in the shower. Like the original product, Shower Works contains VO5's signature five-vitamin blend, including elements such as niacinamide, biotin and ascorbic acid. However, this less intense product features soy protein rather than wheat and vegetable proteins.