Wexler Skin Products Review

face cream image by PinkShot from Fotolia.com

What to Look For

Look for the antiaging treatments in Dr. Patricia Wexler’s specialized skin-care line. Dr. Wexler has developed patented skin-care technologies--MMPi-20 to combat collagen imbalances and Niacyl, to moisturize the skin. Wexler's Skin Brightening Daily Moisturizer won Allure Magazine's beauty editor's choice award in 2008 for best moisturizer. This product works to brighten skin by smoothing uneven skin tone. Wexler's Intensive Night Reversal and Repair Cream with MMPi-20 won the Cosmetics Executive Women's Beauty Insider's Choice award in 2007 for antiaging technology that works while you sleep.

Common Pitfalls

Everyone's skin reacts differently to stressors. Younger skin is better at combating environmental stressors than older skin. Collagen is more readily produced by younger skin. Dr. Wexler's skin-care line seems to be generally targeted for older skin that needs help promoting the naturally occurring enzymes that boost collagen production. As for Niacyl, according to the Mayo Clinic in 2010, the benefits of niacin-based products to treat skin require further study before recommendations can be made. While the line does have treatments for acne and sensitive skin, you may do better in looking at other brands, in terms of price.

Where to Buy

Dr. Wexler's skin-care line is available at Bath and Body Works either in-store or online. Amazon and Ebay also sell Dr. Wexler's skin-care line. As of September 2010, Bath and Body Works is the only seller of her complete skin-care line, whereas Amazon and Ebay sell Wexler's products from a variety of outlets with limited availability and varying satisfaction ratings.


The cost of Dr. Wexler's skin-care serums and specialized treatments is comparable to high-end department store skin-care lines, such as Lancome, priced from $30 to $70 for antiaging creams, with the MMPi.20™ Skin Regenerating Serum retailing for $150. Cleansers sell for $16, while eye-care treatments run from $17.50 to $32.50 and exfoliators range from $16 to $35, as of September 2010.

Comparison Shopping

In 2010, Olay Professional Pro X Deep Wrinkle Treatment won the Cosmetics Insider's Choice award for best mass-selling antiaging moisturizer. It has very high concentrations of retinol and niacinamide (vitamin B3) to smooth out deep wrinkles and is sold at most large supermarkets and national drug store chains. It has a list price of $41.49, lower than Wexler's Night Reversal Cream at $70.