How to Always Look Fresh

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Appearing fresh and youthful is a desire of the multitudes, yet a culture of late nights, long hours at work and stressful schedules offers little time to indulge in extras for personal well-being. Although many people assume looking radiant requires spa getaways and multi-day retreats, the reality is that just a few minutes daily, at home, using easy applications can create a fresh and dewy complexion with the look of youth and vitality.

Sleep at a minimum of seven hours a night, preferably eight to nine hours with a consistent sleep and wake cycle. Beauty sleep was a phrase developed to emphasis the importance of sleep and its overall effects on appearance. Experts with "Elle" Magazine report, " time between the sheets is when our cells divide and repair, memories are consolidated, and growth hormones are released." Sleep provides regeneration and renewal within every phase and function of the body and when enjoyed consistently, will produce a fresh look of relaxation and youthfulness.

Drink abundant amounts of filtered water throughout the day, from eight to 10 glasses of eight ounces each. Water helps to keep your skin cleansed, tight and toned and flushed of toxins, explain beauty experts at If you are lacking proper hydration, water retention becomes an issue and bags develop under the eyes making you look tired and aged.

Get up and move. Activity that promotes an increase in heart rate promotes circulation and toning of the muscles and skin. When activity becomes a daily habit, the skin will take on a fresh and vibrant appearance through increased blood flow and nutrients being distributed throughout the body effectively.

Wear SPF 30+ sun protection daily. Healthy skin will look naturally fresh and youthful, so protect the skin you have with a broad-spectrum UVA and UVB sunscreen. The best brands that offer great protection within a tinted moisturizer are Bobbie Brown, Sephora, Aveda and Laura Mercier. These brands offer products that have no dangerous additives, only smooth moisturizers with a tint of bronze and SPF for protection to keep you looking fresh at all times.

Apply radiance-enhancing mineral washes of makeup over your skin. Many of the top cosmetic companies have developed mineral makeup that reflects light off the skin, promoting the look of radiance and reducing appearances of fine lines, dark spots or skin discoloration. Look for brands such as Jane Iredale, Bare Escentuals or Mineral Silk.

Supplement your daily diet with fish oil. Essential fatty acids are not created in the body; rather, they must be taken in via diet. These elements are essential to joint health and heart health as well as providing the skin with health and luster. Upping your intake of fish oil, during the winter months, can help to improve skin from the inside out, suggest the experts with "Elle" Magazine.