Ingredients in Just for Men

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Just for Men is a well-known hair coloring product that is intended to eliminate gray hairs from your head. But Just for Men promises to be more than your average dye, and the manufacturer claims that only you will know that the product has been applied to your hair. The key to Just for Men's effectiveness lies in the unique ingredients used in the product. You should learn about these ingredients to prevent any allergic reactions or other side effects. Consult a doctor before using health care products to ensure safety.

Erythorbic Acid

Erythorbic Acid is a common ingredient in hair care products as well as other cosmetics, because it may protect your hair and skin cells. As the website explains, arythorbic acid is an antioxidant and is similar in structure to vitamin C. According to the Food and Drug Administration, arythorbic acid does not pose any health risks and is considered "Generally Recognized as Safe" by the organization.


Resorcinol is an ingredient that can treat acne but also has applications in hair care products such as Just for Men. As the Boots Corporate Social Responsibility Chemicals Report explains, the main use for resorcinol in hair products is to help color hair. However, the report also notes that there are some safety concerns associated with resorcinol use. Researchers suspect that the substance can disrupt your endocrine system, which controls hormone release. However, the report explains that the levels and form of resorcinol used in hair dyes are not likely to cause harm.


According to the Shandog Luyue Chemical Industry Company, Polyquaternium-22 is a common ingredient in hair care products ranging from relaxers to conditioners. This ingredient adds shine and a silky feel to hair. Polyquaternium-22 is also helps make hair more manageable.

Oleyl Alcohol

As the chemical information website Sci-Toys explains, oleyl alcohol provides a number of benefits to cosmetics products. The ingredient is a surfactant, which means it helps substances spread more easily. In addition, oleyl alcohol thickens creams and lotions and is used as a hair coating in products such as Just for Men.