The Best Face Washes for Men

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Face cleansers aren't just for women, reports "Men's Fitness" magazine, which says a handsome face like yours can benefit from a good facial wash even if it's packaged for women. A face cleanser works as a quick way to energize your skin when you wake up, and is helpful for rinsing away a day's worth of body oils, dirt and other debris before you go to bed.

Zirh Natural Wash

Zirh formulates its facial wash with gentle detergents in a fragrance-free gel, perfect for sensitive skin. The manufacturer also adds skin-soothing herbal extracts that include chamomile. "Esquire" magazine recommends the cleanser as a way to have a "better morning in your bathroom."

Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser

"GQ" magazine picked Cetaphil's facial cleanser as one of the best secrets for affordable style. Skincare expert expert Paula Begoun also ranked it as very good, saying it cleanses the face without dehydrating your skin. Ingredients glycerin and castor oil help moisturize while the cleanser does its thing.

Dove Men+Care Body And Face Bars

The editors of "Details" magazine chose Dove's Men+Care product line as some of the best ways to clean your skin without depleting its natural moisture content. The company offers two variations: an exfoliating bar with scrubbing granules and a basic bar. A quarter of the product is pure moisturizing cream to help soften and hydrate your face.

John Allan's Scrub Exfoliating Face Cleanser

Exfoliating helps get rid of dead skin cells to give you a smoother and brighter skin surface. "Men's Fitness" magazine gave John Allan's cleanser top marks, saying it helps prevent ingrown hairs. As its all-natural scrubbing granules resurface your face, hydrating emollients that include jojoba oil and oat protein help condition your skin.

Clinique Liquid Face Soap

Clinique's face wash is so good that "Men's Fitness" magazine says you're lucky if your girlfriend owns it. They liked how it unclogs pores and cuts through oil. Begoun also loved it, giving it her rare "Paula's Pick" award thanks to "skin-smoothing" ingredients and "gentle but effective...cleansing agents."