5 Simple Protein-Packed Recipes You Can Make in Minutes

Tone It Up

Protein is everything when it comes to forming beautiful lean muscle, maintaining glowing skin and healthy hair and staying satisfied between meals. It’s a macronutrient, which means your body needs a lot of it.

Newsflash: You don't have to get your protein from meat. Our go-to veggie sources are beans and nuts. Tossing some protein powder into your smoothie is another no-fuss way to get your glow on, and you can even amp up your pancakes, oatmeal and desserts with it.

We use our gluten-free, non-GMO Tone It Up Protein, but you can use any kind of protein powder you'd like — just make sure it's made with clean ingredients.

Tone It Up

Socca This gluten-free flatbread is made from chickpea flour, and it comes together in minutes. The best part: You can top it with anything. Turn it into a healthy pizza or roll it up to make a wrap!

Maple Oat Pancakes Pancakes for lunch?! Why not. They're less likely to give you a sugar crash when you pack them with protein, which has the added bonus of lean muscle-forming effects. Make a batch of these maple oat pancakes to heat up at lunch for a sweet meal.

Black Bean Tacos Taco Tuesday, anyone? Put these vegetarian tacos together at lunch, or enjoy them for a protein-packed dinner. We use romaine lettuce to wrap up all of the taco goodness, so they’re zesty, nutritious and low-carb.

Coconut Snowflake Bites We like to have protein-packed bites stashed in our purse for a healthy snack while on the go. This recipe tastes like cookie dough and is packed with protein and healthy fats to keep you satiated between meals — no cooking required.

Super Slim Burger This slimming burger is so light and delicious. Throw it on the grill with some asparagus for the ultimate de-bloating meal.

Tone It Up

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