Things to Do in Lake Las Vegas

Lucca square Anfiteatro in Tuscany Italy image by Ivonne Wierink from

Seventeen miles from Las Vegas’s famed Strip is the other-worldly, Lake Las Vegas, a manmade lake and attraction-filled Italian-style community, featuring the 40,000-square-foot Casino MonteLago, complete with the most popular video card games, slot machines, and table games. When you're not hitting the slots, choose from a variety of attractions and activities in Lake Las Vegas, where visitors are never at a loss of finding something to do.

Take a Scenic Walk in MonteLago Village

MonteLago Village is a lakeside village in the old-world Tuscan style complete with cobblestone-paved streets and piazzas, eateries on the water, and fabulous shopping. With its stunning architecture, beautiful views of the landscape designed like that of Northern Italy’s Tuscan region, the village is a no doubt a great spot for a stroll, but it’s also a unique location for enjoying a brisk, heart-healthy walk. Just be sure to drink plenty of fluids if you take a walk during the hot summer months.

Get Some Exercise

The two full-service spas in Lake Las Vegas provide its clients with a top-notch workout facility and even fitness classes, such as pilates and yoga. Pilates, once used by dancers and gymnasts to keep their bodies in shape and protected from injury, helps to strengthen your core muscles, build overall body strength and flexibility, and impeccable posture. There are many varieties of yoga, which can help build strength, improve flexibility and balance, and heighten your overall general health. You can also enjoy a standard gym-style or cardio workout.

Treat And Pamper Skin

A variety of skin treatments are available that promote healthy, glowing skin from head to toe at Lake Las Vegas’s two premier spas (See Resources). Whatever your skin type, you’ll find a treatment that is well suited, such as a whole body treatment, a moisturizing or anti-aging facial or an exfoliating body scrub. Personal beauty consultations are available, which will help identify your skin type, its strengths and weaknesses, and the best products for your skin, so that you can continue to have radiant skin even after your stay in Lake Las Vegas.

Get Massage

After an exhausting activity-filled day at Lake Las Vegas, there’s nothing like relaxing or soothing your sore muscles with a professional massage. You can choose from an array of massages at Lake Las Vegas’ two full-service spas, the Ritz-Carlton Spa and Spa Moulay at Loews Lake Las Vegas Resort.

Go Out on Lake

What else better to do in Lake Las Vegas than enjoying activities on the community's centerpiece lake. You can rent watercraft, boats, and even yachts. Catch some rays while relaxing on a boat, going for a swim, kayaking or fishing. You can even take a romantic gondola ride with your sweetie.