FaceMaster Facial Toning System

face image by Robert Calvillo from Fotolia.com

The FaceMaster Facial Toning System is a product sold through infomercials and home shopping channels. The actress Suzanne Somers endorses the product and can be seen on the commercials for the system. The system stimulates the skin to give you a more toned and youthful look. The kit includes everything you need to tone the face: the FaceMaster machine, toning solution, 100 foam caps and instructional DVD.


There are several purported benefits of the FaceMaster Facial Toning System, according to the manufacturer. Fine lines and wrinkles are reduced in appearance due to the plumped-up appearance of skin. Under eye bags are eliminated by correcting saggy eyelids. Lips are plumped up from stimulation and more color is returned to your cheeks.


To use the FaceMaster Facial Toning System, you’ll plug the probes firmly into the base of the machine. The toning solution will be dispensed into the cup found in the base. Cover each probe with a foam cap. Saturate the caps with the toning solution before application. Turn the machine on and press the tips of the probes together for a couple of seconds before releasing. You’ll touch the probe to each area of your face and hold them in place for approximately 10 seconds in each position. The probes meet at each spot and then you must glide them apart to tone the face. The intensity of the probes can be adjusted based on your preferences.

Time Frame

It is recommended that you do the FaceMaster Facial Toning System at least two to three times per week for optimal results. The facial toning program built into the machine lasts a total of 12 minutes. The optional feathering mode is used to target fine lines and lasts 3 minutes.


Maintenance is simple for the FaceMaster Facial Toning System. You simply wipe down the machine and attached probes with a damp cloth between uses. The foam caps are disposed of after each use.


When you are treating your head, you may want to lower the intensity of the machine since headaches have been reported after use. Avoid using the probes on the neck since this can cause fainting. Do not use if you have undergone facial surgery or suffer from seizures or another serious medical condition.


You may find some drawbacks when using the Facemaster Facial Toning System. For instance, your skin can experience irritation after use. The redness and irritation caused by the probes may take awhile to disappear after application. The system can be time consuming as well since you need at least 15 minutes to work on your face several times a week. Results are not immediate and can take several weeks until an improvement is noted.