How to Make Overnight Oats With Strawberries and Creme

by Tiffany Lin ; Updated September 07, 2018

Overnight oats makes for a satisfying, easy-to-whip-up breakfast.

Think you don’t have time to make a satisfying breakfast on the weekdays? Think again.

Overnight oatmeal is an easy, no-cook breakfast that you can enjoy anywhere. It’s also healthy and versatile -- feel free to mix in any of your favorite toppings.

This strawberry and creme overnight oats recipe includes 288 calories; 19.74 grams protein; 6.23 grams total fat; and 45.75 grams total carbohydrates per serving.

You’ll begin with a Mason jar (or a bowl with a lid).

Toss in rolled oats, Greek yogurt, almond milk and some sliced strawberries, which burst with antioxidants, fiber and vitamins.

Give it a quick stir, screw on the lid and place the jar in the fridge. The oats will soften overnight while you get some shut eye.

In the morning, add some more Greek yogurt and strawberries. Top it all off with sliced almonds, which help lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease.

And voila! Your breakfast is complete.

You can enjoy your overnight oats on the spot, or pop on the lid and bring your breakfast -- or midday snack -- wherever you go.

Get the Recipe: Overnight Strawberries & Crème Oatmeal (No-Cook!)

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