How to Get Your Wife to Seduce You

Having small children and scheduling intimacy with your wife can be a challenge. Here's how to get your wife to willingly seduce you.

Choose a day for the event.

Decide which day of the week is most convenient for your wife. Choose a relaxing laid back day. Saturdays and Sundays are usually good days to get seduced by your wife.

Offer an incentive to your wife.

In order to provoke the seduction mechanism in your wife, you've got to give her something that she really wants. Do not confuse what she wants, with what she needs. Allow your wife two uninterrupted hours, to write a quality article for eHow. She's been really into this new "thing" lately, and what better way to support her, and get what you want at the same time.

Give your wife private time.

Don't ask her any questions while she's working. Don't peek over her shoulder at her monitor, and don't let the children distract her. And even if it is untrue, don't appear irritated after an hour into the deal. Just give her this moment to invest in her hobby. Remember, it's not seducing, if she really doesn't want to be intimate with you. The objective is to get your wife to WANT to seduce you.

Get your children ready for bed.

While wifey is working on her article, you've got two hours to feed the children, bathe them, read them a short bedtime story, and put them to sleep. This act alone, will plant the seed of a need to thank you. And what better way to thank you, than to seduce you.

Prepare a bath for your wife. After the children are tucked in, run a warm steamy bath for your wife. Add some bath salts to the water, and make sure there is a soft rug for her to step onto when she gets out. Find the fluffiest towel in the house, and her favorite robe, and have them waiting for her to slip into. Find a tea light, ignite it, and put it in the corner of the tub. Tea lights are small, and will allow your wife to meditate, and begin making the transition from writer to MILF.

Playfully pull your wife from the computer.

Once the water is ready, tell your wife the children are in bed, and her bath is waiting. At this point, your wife should be finished with her article, or close enough to being finished, that she can publish it the next day. Stand over her smiling, until she shuts the computer down.

Escort your wife to her bath.

Once she turns off the computer, guide your wife to her nice bath by her waist. Slowly undress her, and clip her hair up on top of her head for her. It doesn't matter if it all doesn't stay clipped, she'll fix it after you leave. It's the gesture that will help her get aroused to seduce you.

Get your wife in the mood.

While she is in the bath, go to the kitchen and pour her a chilled glass of wine. Deliver it to her bath side, and wait for her to meet you in the living room.

Enjoy the evening.

Light a couple of tea lights in the living room, and wait for your wife to arrive shortly. When she walks into the living room, you should be stretched out, flat on your back in your birthday suit, with all systems ready to go. Gently say to her, "Come here my goddess, and seduce me." To which she will reply, "I have a headache from that cheap wine honey, not now." LOL. Just kidding, to which she will reply "Absolutely," and commence to doing just that.

There are many ways to get your wife to seduce you. If you cater to her wants, treat her special, and woo her, she'll do anything for you. Even more so, she will allow you to do anything to her, which could prove to be equally satisfying for the both of you.