What to Use to Make Your Eyebrows Lay Down Instead of Stick Out


0:04 hi I'm Anastacio Suarez the creator of

0:08 Anastasia Beverly Hills and today I'm

0:10 going to show you how to lay down your

0:14 eyebrow if sticks out what product you

0:17 need to use and how to properly do it so

0:20 again you need the spoolie brush a brow

0:23 fix which is a wax pencil and a brow gel

0:27 so you take the brush and you brush like

0:31 always the eyebrow you use the brow fix

0:36 around the eyebrow you brush again the

0:42 brow fix is going to lay down and it's

0:45 going to give you a heaviness into the

0:48 hair and as well it's going to help the

0:51 hair to lay down on a side so if you

0:54 need to use twice you could use it but

0:58 you see already the eyebrow sticks and

1:01 lay down and then you take the brow gel

1:04 our brow gel is excellent you brush and

1:08 you hold for a few minutes to dry you

1:13 brush it again to blend and look how

1:16 already the eyebrow it's easier to

1:19 manage

1:19 Donna's eyebrow it's quite straight and

1:22 and goes down and you use again you

1:26 could mix every time you use the brow

1:29 fix and then you use the brow gel and

1:33 that will create that perfect look at

1:37 here how beautiful it is I will give you

1:39 another tip if you remove too much hair

1:43 underneath the upper part of the hair

1:46 that goes down you remove the hair

1:48 underneath it's not going to help the

1:50 hair to push up so try to roll more hair

1:54 do not over tweeze your eyebrows because

1:57 that will create the eyebrow hair to go

2:00 down so there are two parts of the hair

2:04 the upper part of the eyebrow hair

2:05 shoots down and the other one up so try

2:11 to keep and not twist the lower part of

2:13 your

2:13 eyebrows thank you for watching this is

2:16 a Nastasia soiree and keep watching

2:19 because we'd give you more tips on

2:21 eyebrows

2:26 Oh