What to Do for Over Processed Hair?

In the search for beautiful hair, we tend to over process it so much that we end up with dull, lifeless locks. Over processed hair is dry, easily tangled and prone to split ends and tends to fall out more than usual while we are styling it. The processes we use to beautify our hair can be the very things that damage it. Getting your hair back into shape after over processing is easy and over time will result in healthy, shiny hair again.


If your hair is very damaged, the best thing you can do is to cut it. You really cannot repair your hair; you can only make it look better. Therefore, the best thing to do is just to get a medium or short haircut from a stylist who is talented in matching the haircut to face shapes. If you cannot bear to lose any of your length, at least get a good trim every four to six weeks. This will rid you of the damaged split end and make your hair look better.

Remember that over processed hair is very fragile. Use a mild shampoo like baby shampoo and do not wash it every day, as this is not necessary. Wash your hair every other day, or just once or twice a week. Condition it every time you shampoo, or use a leave-in conditioner that you do not rinse out. Use a wide-toothed comb on wet hair and gently comb out the tangles.

Avoid using heat styling tools such as straighteners, hot curlers, blow dryers and curling irons. The heat and stretching damages the hair follicles and dries out the hair. If you must use these tools, use them on the coolest setting possible, even your blow dryer, according to the womenshealthcaretopics.com website. Allow your hair to dry naturally until it is just barely damp and then use the dryer.

Use a deep conditioning treatment at least once a week. There are many deep conditioners and hot oil treatments products available in stores, but some of the best are those you can make at home. Some natural products that make an effective deep conditioning treatment are olive oil, mayonnaise or mashed avocados. Take one of these products and apply to your hair until it is thoroughly saturated. Wrap a warm towel or cling wrap around your hair and let it stay on for at least 45 minutes. Shampoo out with a mild shampoo and your hair will shine with new luster. For even better results, leave this conditioner on overnight. You can protect your pillows by using an old pillowcase or pinning a towel in place to cover it.

Give your hair a rest from being pulled and stretched into place. Avoid hair styling gels and sprays that do not allow your hair to move naturally. These contain solutions that can dry the hair. Let your hair dry naturally and wear it down, or gather it into a neat chignon instead of using heated styling tools and chemicals to coax it into place.


To avoid your hair becoming over processed never use hair colors, permanent wave solution or chemical straighteners. If you must have these treatments done, go to a qualified hair stylist and ask her to use a mild solution. Have this chemical processing done sparingly. Use heated styling tools only once or twice a week to keep your hair healthy.