What Is the Traditional Gift for the 25th Wedding Anniversary?

silver cup image by Hao Wang from Fotolia.com

The 25th wedding anniversary is a landmark, a time to celebrate a couple’s union for a quarter century. It is also one of two anniversaries with the longest history, although couples have now come to celebrate anniversaries every year. A variety of 25th wedding anniversary gifts will stick with tradition.


The 25th wedding anniversary is the silver anniversary, making silver jewelry an ideal gift choice. Other silver gift ideas include sterling silver goblets, tea sets, engraved serving trays, photo frames, vases, flatware, belt buckles, letter openers or figurines.


The history of the 25th wedding anniversary as the silver anniversary dates to late medieval times, according to the Tokenz website. Medieval husbands would adorn their wives heads’ with a silver wreath to mark the occasion. The wedding anniversary traditions began in Europe’s Germanic region, where couples celebrated only the 25th and 50th wedding anniversaries.


The value of wedding anniversary gifts increases in direct proportion to the number of years a couple has been married. When couples celebrated only their 25th and 50th anniversaries, the two gifts were silver and gold, respectively. Traditional anniversary gifts evolved to include one for every year up through the 15th anniversary, then every five years thereafter. The first year’s traditional gift is paper, the 10th is tin and both the 60th and 75th are considered diamond anniversaries.


Silver jubilee is the traditional gemstone associated with the 25th wedding anniversary, according to the American Gem Society website. You can also opt for the silver anniversary’s alternate gemstones of tsavorite and green garnet. All three of these green gemstones work on rings, pendants, bracelets or other jewelry items.


Gifts to celebrate the 25th anniversary are not limited to silver and gems. You can stick with tradition with the anniversary flower, which is the iris, or other themes. A bouquet of 25 irises would stick with tradition. A bouquet of 25 roses, or even a single silver-dipped rose, would also work. Silver-themed items, such as silver candles or planting a silver birch tree, are other ideas.