What Is the Bead Hair Extension?

Hair image by jura from Fotolia.com

Bead hair extensions--also known as micro beads or micro rings--are growing in popularity. Beading is a method of attaching hair extensions using a small bead and small pliers (a closer tool) to secure the hair to your head. There is no glue, sewing, braiding or heat involved, and no one will know you are wearing extensions.

Types of Extension Hair

There are two types of hair for bead extensions. The first is the i-tip extension, which resembles the tip of a shoe string. The second type is the loop extension, which has a plastic loop attached to the extension for easier bead threading.

Types of Beads

Beads are available in plastic or metal in several sizes and colors. Sizes of the beads range from small to medium, and they are also referred to as micro rings. Use beads that match your natural hair color.


Since there is no heat or glue, there are fewer chances of damage to the hair. Bead extensions cannot easily be seen or felt.


Bundles of hair usually come in a pack of 25. They range in price from $30 to $100. Expect to purchase approximately seven to eight bundles for a full head.


Self-application is not recommended for bead hair extensions, as it could lead to breakage.