What Is a Clutch Wallet?

Black wallet image by rlat from Fotolia.com

Clutch wallets hold essential items without the bulkiness of a large purse. A clutch wallet offers a compact and often stylish case for money and identification cards for convenient access.


Clutch wallets are different sizes and are made of various materials, such as leather, canvas and water-resistant synthetic fabrics. Compartments with zippered or snap closure pockets and slots can help organize bills, coins and credit cards. Some designs include an exterior pocket for a cell phone.


A clutch wallet is square or rectangular. Some styles that open at the top include a zippered or fabric tab closure or a top metal kiss-lock clasp closure. Other clutch wallets feature a flap that folds over the top and fastens on the front. Checkbook clutch wallets have a longer frame that accommodates checkbooks as well as bills, coins and credit cards.


Clutch wallets without purse handles are carried in your hand. Some clutch styles include a slim shoulder strap or wrist strap. Clutches with a wide frame sometimes fit snugly under your arm.


Hiding a clutch wallet in a zippered pocket or larger bag may be safer than holding the wallet in plain sight of thieves.