What Are Sugared Eyebrows?


If a woman--or a man, for that matter--wants to have cleaner, better-groomed eyebrows, there are several different options from which to choose. Along with tweezing, waxing, and threading, there is also a technique known as "sugaring." Knowing about the different procedures can help you choose the best one for you.


Although the technique of sugaring body hair might be unfamiliar to many people in the U.S., this method has been around for thousands of years. East Africa, North Africa and other Arabic cultures have been sugaring for centuries. The Egyptian queen Cleopatra allegedly used this technique to keep her skin smooth and beautiful. Sugaring was finally made known to Western cultures when a Tunisian woman began offering sugaring services in England in the 1980s.


When eyebrows are sugared, a sugar solution is used to remove unwanted hairs, leaving clean, beautifully shaped eybrows. The first course of action is determining what shape the eyebrows should be. The sugar solution is then spread onto the areas where eyebrow hair is to be removed. Immediately after the sugar solution is applied, a muslin strip is placed over the area. The strip is then pulled in the direction of hair growth. Even very fine hairs will be removed with the fabric.


Sugar wax is a thick, syrupy compound. Many people relate its appearance to honey or soft caramel. Like these sweet substances it is compared to, sugar wax is also extremely gooey and sticky. This makes it easy to apply, and is what causes it to remove hair nicely, as it clings to individual hairs very well. The concoction is also water soluble, which means that, unlike other waxes used to remove hair, it washes away easily with plain water.


No chemicals or artificially made products are used in making sugar wax. Actually, the ingredients are so common you could make the wax at home. Typical sugar wax is made using granulated sugar, water and lemon juice. When hair that has been sugared regrows, it is finer and lighter in color. After continuous sugaring, hair may eventually cease to regrow in these areas. Sugaring is also gentle enough to be used on sensitive skin or areas with varicose veins.


Although sugar wax does remove hair quickly and easily, there is some pain associated with the process. Fortunately, if you have tweezed or waxed the area for several years, your skin will not be as tender and therefore you will not experience as much pain. Placing ice directly on the area following sugaring eases pain and redness. Be careful when applying hot sugar as you could burn yourself. Test first by placing a tiny drop onto the inside of your wrist.